Hill Bottom Farm

A Mutual Aid Endeavor

About Us

We are gardeners that are passionate about growing and producing healthy, great tasting food. (As well as pretty flowers, and lovely structure plants!) We strive to minimize our impact on the environment and reduce our reliance on factory farming and the billion dollar grocery industry. While locally owned shops, small farms, and farmers markets continue to make access to local food more convenient, the price point required to keep a private farm functioning can present an unscalable obstacle to those most in need.

You'll note that in our logo we use the phrase "A Mutual Aid Endeavor". Here at Hill Bottom we're fortunate enough not to rely on our farm as a source of income, but only a source of nutrition and personal satisfaction. With that in mind, our mission is to responsibly distribute everything we produce above our own need. 

What does that actually mean? When someone buys a carton of eggs, a peach, or a squash from our farm, the same will be donated to a local Shelby shelter, charity, or non-profit.

Ready for you!

The nature of farming means we don't always have everything we grow available, but what we do have you will find listed here:

EGGS - $5/ dzn

Walnut Ink 4 oz - $7

Walnut Ink 8 oz - $10

In a tight spot?

We're always happy to trade what we have for produce we don't grow, some help with weeding, or maybe something we haven't even thought of! 

Email us at HillBottomFarmNC@gmail.com or text us at 704.689.6397 to arrange a pickup time or local delivery!